All we know so far about the future of Apple iWatch

All we know so far about the future of Apple iWatch

Although Apple smartwatch has not yet been officially announced by the company on the block, for months have emerged that confirm many rumors that Cupertino are already finalizing the details for the marketing of this device . Here we bring you a summary for all tracks that Apple has given us about how this device could be.

First, we know that it is likely to carry iWatch name as the company posted a while this brand so that it could not be used by other manufacturers. recently we discovered also that Apple has hired top executives of the world the traditional clock, a fact that highlights the importance for this company make things right, and is to be by your side leading executives in the world of watch for years is something that could greatly help Apple. Recall that at the moment is at a disadvantage, being of the few companies in the sector which has not yet put up for sale its smartwatch .

Regarding the hardware of the device has been rumored widely in its physical form. The strongest rumors suggest that the iWatch could be traded on two different screen sizes with a rectangular shape. rectangular This may be responsible for the emergence of a lot of rumors about a hypothetical flexible display that would allow the device could be used as a bracelet. Additionally, it is rumored that the battery would not iWatch, so food is making use of solar energy or magnetic induction. As for its usefulness, it is likely that the device is definitely geared towards health and physical care, something that Apple seems to be taking very seriously lately. This is something I would rather sense since iOS 8, ​​the new operating system for mobile devices includes applications submitted by Apple store with a huge amount of different data on our health and thus able to keep control. Therefore, e l iWatch include various sensors that would be responsible for analyzing a large number of different vital signs in order to keep track of them and share them with our iPhone. Moreover, if these rumors come to be even stronger when we learned that Apple is working with elite athletes so they can try the iWatch in special conditions, which we already know has been important figures in the sports world in the Apple campus in Cupertino.

Every time there is less to know all the details of Apple hand, is that it seems that this new device will be presented throughout the month of October.

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