Apple is silent on the issue of stolen pictures of famous

Apple is silent on the issue of stolen pictures of famous

Since yesterday appear to not talk about anywhere else. Dozens of photos of famous nude circulate messaging services for the websites in which images are shared, storage services online, through social networks. although every effort is made to cancel the accounts from which it is published content, for each displayed two cut head, thus being impossible to stop the flow of information.

I discussed the issue yesterday , when 4chan began publishing the content in forum / b /, and from the beginning they talked about iCloud as the source of information. A few hours ago we saw more details: apparently a problem in Find my Phone would cause a security hole that has already been covered by apple, but that could have allowed the entry of hacker responsible for the theft.

Still, there is no evidence to show that it was indeed a failure of apple. Simply enter one of the victims has not and has never had an account with iCloud, you’ve never used an iPhone or an iPad, that the whole theory is flipped on its head, but so far that has not happened.

Now, finally, Apple has ruled on the issue , stating that they are actively investigating what could have happened, informing that address users’ privacy as a priority.

It is clear that on the 9th, when presented next iPhone (and possibly some other wearable), will face issues related to safety and privacy. Many users are unaware of the importance of a strong password, do not know what is “two-step login” and that’s what the big companies, working with sensitive data must resolve: to educate, not allow someone keep their private photos on passwords like “123456” and force certain requisitios continue to make the image of the company is not going to ruin a weekend.

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