Apple iTunes U is committed to creating new forums and courses from iPad

Apple iTunes U is committed to creating new forums and courses from iPad

The commitment to education world by Apple is a fact. Not just for the iPad itself, which is most often used in these environments, but by the universe of available applications that can be found between the tablet is iTunes U . This official service of the company includes dozens of courses available to that users can easily learn at a distance. In a new update unprecedented iTunes U lets you create, manage their own courses from iPad iTunes U receives a big update to make themselves more attractive to teachers (from July 8) and includes new forums for students and teachers they can talk openly.

Education has been seen by all companies as the great untapped niche . Thousands and thousands of schools at all levels will need in the coming years a modernization of their processes through ICTs and Apple wants its ecosystem is vital. The binomial iPad and iTunes U is the flagship of the company to be awarded the contract, where the latter has been updated to give more possibilities for users and teachers.

In the words of Eddy Cue , senior vice president of Internet software and services Apple has said:

“Education is part of the DNA of Apple and iTunes U is a valuable resource. ITunes U offers a huge selection of academic material to people around the world. Now that the ability to manage adds and discuss best on educational content, learning with the iPad is even more personalized. “

The updates go through the creation and management of content on iTunes U by teachers, who may be generating new lessons from the iPad itself easily. One way to facilitate the creation of material and make it much more attractive platform. As for the new forums to discuss , will be available starting July 8 and will be managed as a traditional forum to use, moderators and commentators.

75,000 educational apps for iPad Apple’s bid guarantee in this market and wants to keep growing. Will have to see what surprises us company in the world of education.

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